Seitan Ingredient Sourcing WORK IN PROGRESS

So where do I source the ingredients for my seitan recipes?

I just want to start by saying I’m not fully vegan. I’m reducetarian, meaning I just do my best to lower my meat and animal byproduct consumption, while also realizing that I’m not perfect. I understand the moral reasoning behind veganism, and it’s definitely where I would like to be… eventually.

For that reason, I don’t always buy vegan or fair trade. BUT, I will do the leg work and find those sources and include them below.

Just a heads up – some of these links are affiliate links for Amazon.

The ingredient source list

  • Honeyville Vital Wheat Gluten – Honeyville’s website, $116.99/50 lbs, or $2.34/lb. The cheapest option. A lot of allergen warnings, but those seem to be for the cans themselves rather than the gluten. The 50 lb option comes in a bag, so I don’t believe they apply. Still, you may want to contact Honeyville or bypass this option if you have concerns.
  • Anthony’s Vital Wheat Gluten – Amazon, $14.84/4 lbs bag or $3.71/lb. One bag will make roughly 6 3/4 2.5 lb loaves. Vegan, non-GMO.
  • Anthony’s Organic Flaxseed Meal – Amazon, $12.69/2.5 lbs bag or $0.32/oz. Vegan, non-GMO.
  • Nutiva Refined Coconut Oil – Amazon, $28.99/gallon, or $0.23/fl oz. Most of my recipes will call for refined, as it doesn’t have the strong coconut smell. You can also use unrefined if you don’t mind the smell. Be warned that depending on your climate, this may need to be stored in the fridge – if that’s the case, a smaller option may be better, and most stores stock coconut oil nowadays. Non-GMO.
  • Bragg’s Liquid Aminos – Bragg’s website. Various sizes and options, most of my recipes take about 2 tbsp per loaf so buy accordingly. Also stocked in most grocery stores. Vegan, Non-GMO.
  • Nut Milk – Various, I just use whatever nut-sourced milk alternative happens to be on sale. Just make sure it’s unsweetened and has no flavouring.